Agents win new leads with 7 form letters

by Olivia D'Orazio23 Apr 2015
Repeats and referrals are the lifeblood of any real estate business, but maintaining your communication with clients and prospects can be difficult during the busy spring season.

Here are seven scenarios for which personalizable form letters can help you keep in contact with all your clients.

1 – An almost-automatic reply
Most clients use email to reach out for the first time, and responding to these emails as quickly as possible is very important. A ready-to-deploy email can help you respond quickly. In this email, you should thank the sender for contacting you and answer any questions they might have. Also include your full contact information.

2 – Referring a mortgage broker
Many homebuyers will look to you for advice on where to get a mortgage – especially those clients who may have trouble qualifying through a traditional lender. An easy-to-access list of the mortgage brokers who you know and trust (as well as their contact information) can help you keep your prospective clients on track to purchasing a home. This will also help you grow your relationships with your mortgage partners. 

3 – After contract signing
As more and more agents join the industry, finding new leads is becoming increasingly important. Send an email to those prospects who you know are in the market for a home. Include information about current mortgage rates, average selling prices and popular property types, as well as your contact information.

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