An agent’s comeback story after a life-changing accident

by Ephraim Vecina09 May 2016
In January 2009, then-24-year-old senior manager Anthony Brown had a fateful brush with mortality when a minivan hit him from behind, leading to a week-long coma and paralysis.
After coming to, Brown remembered the doctors telling him that it was impossible to know when, or even if, he will get back full functionality on the left side of his body.

“Being paralyzed presents some pretty big obstacles and I was still a young guy.  I decided that I was going to maximize whatever recovery was possible and I was going to work as hard as I could to get better,” Brown said in an interview with Royal LePage Leading Edge.
The erstwhile corporate supervisor resolved to go through the grueling therapy, and four months after the incident, he was discharged after regaining sufficient control of his left side (apart from his left arm, which remains non-usable up to now).
Even back then, Brown stated that he understood the limitations that his condition imposed upon his life. That didn’t prevent him from eventually venturing into the virtually unknown territory of real estate a few months later, when he invited his friends to rent a home that he recently purchased.
“I decided that if I was going to have a second chance at a career I was going to sell houses.” He eventually passed the real estate licensure examination before completing his rehabilitation and regaining his driver’s licence.
As a licenced professional, Brown knew that he had to look the part, and that meant learning to wear a collar-tie combo and meeting up with clients without the aid of his left arm.
“I would struggle onto the bus in Nova Scotia’s harsh winter with several big, metal-frame open house signs and my paperwork slipping from my grip.  I didn’t care though; I was prepared to do whatever it took to be successful,” he recalled.
This determination has seemingly paid off, as Brown is slated to earn over $250,000 this year alone.
“I learned through the process of my recovery and the challenging start to my real estate career that there is no way for a person to know their own strength until it is tested,” the agent said.

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