Another Zoocasa?

by Jordan Maxwell19 Jun 2015
A wave of new digital services designed to make the home-buying process easier is drawing criticism from agents concerned the offerings undermine their businesses.

“They are no longer relevant to consumers seeking real estate contact information,” said Corrie Holiday, a broker manager with ReMax Chay Realty. Inc.
Yellow Pages is among those players, announcing a new digital service it’s rolling out after acquiring the ComFree/DuProprio (CFDP) Network, a platform that connects homebuyers and sellers.
The service, YellowPages hopes, will boost its profile as a key player in the digital real estate market as they look to extend its reach by offering a platform that seeks “to empower consumers and help them save money.”
According to a YellowPages release, “demand for comprehensive and cost effective real estate services continues to grow.”
And because the CFDP is the fourth most visited network of real estate properties in Canada and Quebec's no. 1 real estate site, holding a 17 per cent share of the province's listings market, the phone services company has reasons to be optimistic.
Gurinder Sandhu, executive director of ReMax Ontario Atlantic Canada, said that while digital real estate services will continue to gain traction among consumers who are looking to technology for solutions, agents are taking the opportunity to grow with technology, instead of against it.
“They may assist people who won’t want full-service agents but at the end of the day, agents are becoming better at picking up the skills they provide – being a trusted advisor, deciphering data, being a negotiator and being hyperlocal in your approach,” he told REP. “These are all things that digital sites cannot do from beginning to end.”
At the same time, others feel as though this’ll be another digital service made to devalue the services an agent provides.
“The internet has brought about a false sense that buyers and sellers think they know everything,” said Debbie Wilding, a Brampton-based real estate agent, told REP recently. 


  • by Louie Papa 6/19/2015 12:08:21 PM

    Real Estate agents have embraced technology over the past decade, far greater than any professional in any industry, but long term success will always be about crafting your skills, constant education, hard work and excellent customer service.

  • by T. S. 6/19/2015 12:09:25 PM

    "$50 Million Down The Drain" will be the headline for the article published in two-and-a-half years from now.

  • by Commission Wars 6/19/2015 12:16:01 PM

    Of course the World of trading real estate is changing because consumers are seeing it is not rocket science . And they see it is ridiculous to pay someone 20,000-50,000 to look up comparables on a website that was payed by their inflated fees they charged consumers.

    Condos are walls,windows and a status certificate not one tour guide can promise anything else. Freeholds are selling themselves and tour guides use bogus,sneaky tactis too fool consumers like Phantom Bids!!! What more could u expect when they sell the license of selling like a infomercial and all it takes is 3 months to be TOURING. 60,000 tour guides !!!

    Debbie selling the tour service like consumers are confused. Sure if use false tactics of course consumers maybe fooled...phantom bids, creating bidding wars, monopolizing data...ROCKET SCIENCE

    the ego tour guides are the ones that forced the digital/alternative services because of their GREED...the infomercial tour guides needed to eat and were forced to take whatever they could get..

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