Are agents in hot markets getting lazy?

by Olivia D'Orazio20 Apr 2015
Listing agents working in some of Canada’s hottest cities are neglecting key due diligence issues, effectively creating a market where sales reps are ill-prepared to advise prospective buyers.
“The properties are selling themselves, so after five, six, seven days properties are being sold on offer dates and agents don’t need to do any work,” says John Whyte, a sales rep in Toronto. “It’s scary because everything can sell just by putting it on the market.”
The concern is the promise of a quick sale – especially of single-detached homes – is compelling agents to list a house as soon as possible, often before garnering adequate information. Buyer agents are then left to advise their clients with what few details are available on the MLS.
“There are simple questions that every agent should know – the roof age, the age of the doors and windows – but (some agents don’t),” Whyte says. “How can we as agents advise our clients if we don’t have answers? It’s so easy to sell a property. They know if they just put it up they’ll have five offers competing on it.”
That lack of guidance impacts the already-precarious reputation of the entire industry. Some players suggest that could even push more potential buyers and sellers to for-sale-by-owner companies, leaving agents to fight for an even smaller pool of clients.
“A lot of the agents are underqualified or not working as hard as they should be,” Whyte says. “At the end of the day, that’s going to affect all agents. When they find problems that arise because something was negligent on the agent’s part, that will look (bad) on the profession as a whole.”


  • by WAKE UP!!!! 4/20/2015 11:49:57 AM

    Are they?? They look up comparables, taxi,tour ...You wonder why there are flat rate services, free services, Agents dropping their fees...Consumers are waking up and have been seeing the light for years .....The industry signed up as many agents as they could with the lure of easy money..but 90% of agents are paying dues for the lawyers to help out the 10% of agents to keep their easy street

  • by Larry 4/20/2015 2:47:17 PM

    OREA needs to open their eyes wide and see the damage they are contributing too in this profession. I have have tried to speak with some Realtors that can barley speak English. Don't get me wrong I believe everyone deserves the right to earn a living. However this board appears to be concerned with taking the money and running these ridiculous ads and saying they are working to improve our image. The system is broken and needs to be repaired urgently. Our commission will always be under attack when they can shop for the lowest price. It's like smoking and blaming the cigarette company.

    Now for the solutions. Business card must be updated yearly with a current photo for security and the following information must be present.
    1. Years as a Realtor
    2. Realtor Status - Full-Time or Part-Time
    The consumers needs to know a bit more about who they are making their largest investment with.

    Your thoughts?

  • by Reality 4/20/2015 3:38:03 PM

    If Ego agents (THE 10%)worked for a realistic fee like 1,000-2,000 and had too actually work Hard than there would be more clients for the 90% . It would be fair. Home values went up not the value of the realtor. ALl these realtors ever say walk in my shoes,they don't know... if these were orthopedic surgeons,cancer specialists...maybe they would have something..EGO on these 10%'s They should be called Reality

    They get sore when consumers make statements on their ego... The reply before me knows the system is flawed,broken and only working for the EGOS

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