Are emails the ultimate time waster?

by Nicola Middlemiss26 Jan 2015
We've all received pointless emails. Here are some of the worst of the bunch!
  • Please sponsor me
  • Happy birthday
  • Introducing new starters
  • The printer has broken down
  • There is going to be a fire alarm
  • Secret Santa
  • Congratulatory emails about 'a job well done'
  • Can everyone chip in for a whip around please
  • Someone's car has left their lights on
  • Debates over the temperature of the air-con
  • Sweepstake for the lottery
  • Sweepstake for the Grand National
  • The toilet is blocked
  • Food has gone missing from the fridge
  • The fridge needs cleaning
  • Whose photocopying is left on the photocopier
  • Ran out of milk
  • Has anyone seen my building pass?
  • Someone is blocking me in in the car park
  • Someone has stolen my stapler / calculator / etc.
  • Whose turn is it to make tea?
  • There aren't any tea bags / coffee left
  • Someone has stolen my mug
  • Someone has used their favourite mug
  • The bins need emptying
  • Dishwasher needs empting
  • There isn't any toilet roll left
  • Anyone got the keys to the pool car?

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