Are nosy neighbours good for open houses?

by Jamie Henry29 Dec 2014
According to a recent REP poll, a majority of agents believe nosy neighbours and lookie-lous are beneficial to the success of an open house.
More than half of all poll respondents said they do not discriminate against those neighbours who aren’t necessarily looking to buy the property, while another 34 per cent said they invite community members to a special preview of the home.
“A lot of times a house will sell to somebody from the neighbourhood, whether [they are] referred by someone or not,” says Edmonton-based agent, Ron Blache-Fraser. “It’s often someone who is close by, whether they want to upgrade or downgrade.”
Danilo Martinez, an agent in Toronto, says he too farms the local community, not only to drum up interest in the property, but also to generate new leads and word-of-mouth promotion.
“[Boost the] marketing around that house, get some interest and get a few more contacts who you would have never spoken to otherwise,” he says. “Maybe the neighbour doesn’t want to buy, but they have a family member who does... Those little things get more business.”
Welcoming neighbours to the open house can also be a safety precaution. Having a friendly face nearby is especially important should you run into a situation that requires help.
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