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by Jamie Henry29 Sep 2014
Not all listings are created equal, and one Dartmouth, N.S.-based Realtor suggests that not all properties warrant professional photography services.

“It’s always important to get good quality photos,” Century 21 Realtor John Ghosn tells REP.

Ghosn, who has been a Realtor for more than 20 years, is used to taking his own photos for many of his listings, and has developed an eye for the types of high-quality photos that people like to see. However, he says that some properties warrant professional photography services more than others.

“It depends on the calibre of the property,” he says. “It comes into play when you have a unique piece of real estate or a high end one, one where detail is important.

“In a lot of cases, those high-end homes can be sold right from the Internet based on the pictures that are put up, even without walking into it. If you have a good photographer, it makes all the difference. If you have a waterfront property, outdoor shots and seasonal shots are important to the marketing of that property.”

However, Matt Vardy, the managing director and chief photographer at My Home Viewer, unsurprisingly tells REP that professional photography is a must for all properties.

“I've shot some places that were complete dumps with uneven floors and garbage and dust everywhere in less than ideal parts of town, and I've shot properties worth tens of millions that are flawless and owned by celebrities,” he says. “My approach is no different in both cases and neither should an agent's.”

Vardy says that, from a business perspective, less-than-stellar photography can convey a negative image of the Realtor.

“Amateur photography is lacking in so many ways and communicates that you don't care or put the necessary time and effort into your business, and who wants to work with someone like that?” he tells REP.

“A professional photographer with a great eye will capture something special in a property beyond just a passing snap of each room. It could be the way they capture the interior light or decor, the time of day or a special angle, and all these things will grab a potential buyer's attention way more than any text-only or mobile phone listing could.”

Anthony Rego of AnthonysVirtualTours.com agrees that professional photography is integral to the marketing of a property.

“If you look today at some of the pictures that you find on MLS, it’s just not very professional,” he tells REP. “This, I think, deters some potential buyers from looking at those properties.”

Still, Realtors and photographers alike agree that photos do nothing less than boost a prospective buyer’s interest in a property.

“Today, the majority of people that are buying real estate, in most cases, by the time they get to a Realtor, have done a lot of their own research because of everyone’s access to the Internet,” Ghosn says. “So pictures are more important than ever. That’s your first crack at a potential buyer – the pictures that they see.”

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