Be your best agent with a team

by Olivia D'Orazio03 Dec 2014
Outside of the branding benefits, joining a team or starting your own can help you becoming your best agent, say industry leaders arguing the move helps agents perfect their strongest skills.
“In our area in real estate, we have a lot of rural [properties], investments and new builds, so we have agents who specialize in doing different things,” says William Taylor of the Taylor & Ruys Team in Kingston, Ont. “I also have a wide range of age groups and experience levels on my team, too. It allows me to make sure I use agents who are appropriate to certain clients. Then [those clients] feel they’re getting the proper services and not getting left behind.”
Similarly, John King, who heads the John King Team in Ottawa, says various real estate tasks are divided among his team members based on their skills.
“We’re much more efficient if we specialize in our roles,” King says. “Everyone can focus on what we do best… [and] clients love it because they get specialized service from an expert.”
Outside of the benefits to clients, Taylor says agents who work as part of a team are able to maintain a better work-life balance.
“They can’t be available to do open houses every weekend, so having a team helps me keep my agents involved … and keep all my clients satisfied. It helps us get everything done and not just with the sales process, but administrative work too.”
Individual agents are also able to share in their team’s success since everyone is working together for the same purpose – and sometimes for the same client.
“We have great information sharing,” King says. “As a team, we can do more volume and that volume then benefits our buyers.”

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