Best business through body language

by Jamie Henry01 Dec 2014
The most influential real estate agents have already mastered the art of body language. Without saying a word, they can seem confident and collected – which is exactly what potential clients are looking for.
Here are a handful of ways that you can sit, stand, look and speak more confidently.
How to sit
Avoid fidgeting and wildly gesturing while sitting. Being still conveys the message that you are calm and in control: two attributes that nervous buyers and sellers look to you for.
Be sure to sit up straight – hunching your shoulders, sinking into your chair or crossing your legs can make you seem defensive and not at all confident. 
How to stand
Similarly, crossing your arms while standing makes you seem closed off. You also shouldn’t cross your ankles while standing, or shift your weight to one leg – these kinds of stances can make you seem weak and afraid.
Instead, stand with both feet firmly planted on the ground. Also be sure to keep your hands by your side – don’t fidget or play with your phone or hair.
How to look
Eye contact is a big indicator of someone who is confident. Not making eye contact is a sign of weakness, and can make you seem intimidated by whoever you’re speaking with – not a good position to be in when you’re negotiating.
This is an easy fix: make eye contact with your clients, your colleagues and anyone else on the other side of the table.
How to speak
The way you speak is often much more telling than what you have to say. Speaking with a question-like inflection can make you sound, well, dumb. Instead, be firm – and professional – in your tone of voice.

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