Boutique brokerage launches, focuses on technology

by Justin da Rosa on 10 Mar 2017
The industry’s newest brokerage is the first of its kind, offering a virtual reality experience for its clients

“Virtual reality is a powerful new tool that allows buyers to feel like they are actually walking through the property and effectively permits the seller’s home to become a 24/7 open house” said broker, Michael Montgomery. 

Michael and Willemina Montgomery have launched Renzo Real Estate, a Calgary-based brokerage that aims to market its homes through virtual reality. 

When listing a home with Renzo Real Estate, the property is captured in 3D so buyers can
explore the listing from the comfort of their own homes regardless of where they may be based. 

This sort of listing will be especially helpful for overseas buyers interested in Calgary real estate – which is an area of growing interest for Chinese buyers especially, according to a recent study conducted by -- a Chinese property portal -- and Sotheby’s.

The company will use high tech 360 degree cameras, allowing agents to capture exactly what it is like to be explore the home.

“It is all about leveraging technology tools to help consumers and agents” adds Office Manager, Willemina Montgomery.

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