Broker builds business targeting foreign buyers

by Neil Sharma01 Aug 2018

With an oversaturation of brokers and sales agents, finding a niche in today’s market is imperative—and Evan Tang has done just that.

Tang has built his business as a broker with REMAX Crossroads Realty by servicing Chinese international buyers with a predilection for Canadian real estate. To do that, he has become active on Chinese social media platforms, particularly Weibo.

“I post my opinion on Toronto’s real estate market,” Tang told REP. “I don’t post data users can find online. I post things that are behind the data and I try to be a thought leader in my community. People see my input and expertise and they use that as a vehicle to help them invest in the Toronto market.

“It’s very specific for Chinese international buyers or new immigrants landing in Toronto. Parents are sending their kids to study in Toronto and they’re researching the Toronto market. It’s not for everybody; it’s for Mandarin speakers and for someone who wants to target international buyers.”

Tang began using Weibo eight years ago when he earned his real estate license. However, he cautions against thinking that lead generation comes easily.

“I knew from day one that I’d have to ride this thing for X amount of years before I could use it for lead generation,” he said. “I used it for almost a year before my blogs were shared by users and people started asking me questions.”

To reach a wider audience, Tang is meticulous with his use of hashtags, and he even sponsors ads.

He estimates that about 80% of his clientele have ties to Toronto, whether they’re moving to the city or sending their children there to study. Of those who have no ties, he reckons they comprise a paltry 5% of his clientele.

He notes that today’s class of immigrants are very different from those who arrived decades ago.

“Immigrants now are not the immigrants of 30 years ago who just came here to work. Now immigrants are very savvy and very affluent. Five or seven years ago I had language power more than I did real estate experience, so I figured I might as well be the bridge. Now I have more real estate experience and I can leverage that, as well.”


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