Brokerage giant develops customized audio branding

by Ephraim Vecina05 Aug 2016
A Canadian brokerage giant has developed its customized audio branding to reinforce its brand image and commitment to top-notch customer service.
In its August 3 news release, RE/MAX AllStars Realty Canada announced its collaboration with audio branding specialist PHMG to craft a “unique voice and music that reflects its global brand.”
“This voice and music, designed to reinforce brand values and reassure customers, forms the basis of audio messages that are played to telephone callers when they are placed on hold, transferred or call outside of normal opening hours,” the firm said in its press release.
“RE/MAX opted for a music track that uses predominately traditional instrumentation such as piano and strings, to provide a relaxed, positive feel that also displays a touch of class. The female voiceover is welcoming, with a bright and professional delivery style.”
The audio branding is focused on ensuring clients that they would receive only the highest quality service whenever they get in touch with RE/MAX, according to company officials.
“As the world’s most recognized real estate brand, we needed something much better than hold music – and on-hold marketing production was the perfect solution. It works to reinforce our message, and ensures our caller experience is as professional as every other element of our branding,” RE/MAX All Stars Realty Canada manager Mike Scriven stated.
“Audio is an incredibly powerful marketing tool as it allows businesses to tap into innate perceptions and beliefs in a subtle, unobtrusive manner,” PMHF CEO Mark Williamson said.
“RE/MAX is a highly-recognisable global brand, so customers expect a certain level of service and professionalism, which is reinforced through a top-class, tailored audio brand,” Williamson added.

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