Brokers: Disconnect to avoid burnout

by Jamie Henry09 Dec 2014
Two real estate stalwarts tell REP how the industry has changed since the 1980s, how technology has helped create a healthier work-life balance and what agents must do to avoid burnout.
“Technology’s really helped [tackle the issue of time management],” says Elli Davis, a top producer with Royal LePage. “You can get a lot done during the day and a lot done by email. We don’t have as many offers at night. Email has totally revolutionized our business. It has become much more of a daytime business than a night business.”
But that constant connection can be a slippery slope to burnout. It’s difficult to disconnect from a stressful day at the office if your phone is buzzing with client requests. On the other hand, various technological advances have also help agents to maintain a good work-life balance – which is so crucial to successful agents.
“You can never lose sight of personal time,” Judy Marsales, broker and owner of Judy Marsales Real Estate, tells REP. “Managing your time is critical to a healthy perspective of both the business and personal life.”
Several companies have already taken steps to ensure their employees disconnect during the evenings and on weekends. While that’s not realistic for many agents, Davis says she’s found balance by prioritizing her tasks and working around those time frames.
“[Real estate is] a time-intense business; you need to be ready to serve when your clients need you,” she says. “The trick is to have a life but maintain that balance, too. Time management is crucial – put the important things first and do everything else after.”

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