Canadians view murkier fiscal, economic prospects in 2019

by Ephraim Vecina08 Jan 2019

Fiscal anxiety is the running theme among a significant proportion of Canadians going into 2019, with less than 60% feeling good about the national economy this year, according to the results of a year-end survey conducted for Global News by Ipsos.

This ratio was considerably lower than the 65% in 2017. The share of the population pessimistic about the economy is also steadily rising, at 41%.

Moreover, only 64% of Canadians said that their retirement plans and savings are in good shape, down from the 72% in 2017 and the 65% in the year prior to that.

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Around 71% of respondents stated that they are “feeling good” about their personal finances at the end of 2018, noticeably lower than the 80% in 2017 and the 75% in 2016. Only 61% said that they are actually in a “good” financial situation, compared to the 66% in 2017 and the 62% in 2016.

“This is one of the commitments that the federal government made when it ran in 2015, it was going to help the middle class and those who want to join the middle class,” according to Ipsos. “That particular group of people is feeling particularly hard done by these days.”

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