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by John Tenpenny19 Oct 2015
Every real estate agent knows how important the listing is when it comes to selling a home – almost as important as the price – but how many give much thought to the words they use in the listing itself?

According to and the book Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate, by Spencer Rascoff and Stan Humphries, CEO and chief economist of Zillow, respectively, there are certain words – 15 to be exact – that can get your client more money when their home sells.

Here are five of the 15 words that the authors say real estate agents should always include in a real estate listing:
  1. Luxurious
The word luxurious signals that a home’s finishes and amenities are high end. Even lower-priced listings with the word “luxurious” benefit from it – selling for 8.2% more on average.
  1. Captivating
Unlike the word “nice,” “captivating” provides a richer, more enticing description for buyers. It’s less open to interpretation, and it could get you more money – to the tune of 6.5% more.
  1. Impeccable
This is a rich (literally and figuratively) adjective that describes something about the quality of your home – in a good way. Houses that are described as “impeccable” sell for 5.9% more than similar homes.
  1. Stainless
If you watch HGTV, then you know homeowners are crazy about stainless steel appliances and have been for years. Lower-priced homes described as having “stainless” sold for 5% more on average than expected.
  1. Granite
In addition to stainless steel appliances, buyers want a house with granite countertops. Period. Granite is considered to be a higher-end, quality feature and could net the seller 4% more for your house.

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