Coaching and teams lead 2015 resolutions

by Olivia D'Orazio02 Jan 2015
Real estate is a free market, and there’s no better proof of that than the results of the latest REP poll, which show agents are taking different steps to improve their businesses in 2015.
Some 11 per cent of poll respondents said they’re planning on hiring a real estate coach. Armand Soberano, a 20-year industry veteran, said he often recommends coaching to rookie agents.
“I had to learn everything on my own and that took five or six years,” he tells REP. “But I think I could have learned it faster if I had paid someone to teach me.”
Coaching can also help established sales reps overcome a plateau. Ken Foster, an agent in Edmonton, turned to coaching for that reason.
“I was doing the same thing and not getting results, so I needed a new way of looking at things,” he says. “It certainly changed my attitude. I felt more enlivened and excited about my business. The coach approached it from the point of view of my attitude.”
Another 15 per cent of poll respondents, however, said they were planning on starting a real estate team in 2015. We spoke with team leaders across the country, and found that teams can not only benefit agents by offering more flexibility and information sharing, but can improve the services they offer clients.
“We’re much more efficient if we specialize in our roles,” says agent and team leader John King. “Everyone can focus on what we do best… [and] clients love it because they get specialized service from an expert.”
The majority of poll participants, however, said they were planning on doing something that didn’t involve a coach or a team, nor would it involve buying a new car (seven per cent of respondents) or new marketing materials (26 per cent of agents).
How will you make your business better in 2015?

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