Creating a Culture of Success

by Clayton Jarvis18 Dec 2019

“In 2015, we were both moms with little kids, working way too many hours,” says Krista Klundert of Angie Goulet and Associates. “One day Angie and I were chatting, and she said, ‘I need help.’ And I was like, ‘You know what? So do I!’”

A mere four years later, Angie Goulet and Associates has grown to a 13 agent super-team that has charged its way to the top of the Windsor market, where buyers and sellers are still adjusting to the twin threats to sanity – bidding wars and unfathomable price increases – that inevitably accompany a community’s hot streak.

Clients tend to gravitate toward quality at times of market upheaval. No surprise, then, that they’ve been choosing Goulet’s RE/MAX Preferred Realty team, and its over 140 years of collective experience, to help them navigate Windsor’s rapidly shifting real estate landscape.

Goulet’s ability to hire and retain top quality realtors has been key to generating a steady stream of business for her team. Klundert says the company culture, developed by Goulet, has been invaluable in attracting top talent.   

“We’re not about selling houses. We’re about making families happy,” Klundert says. “There are many of us who say, ‘My goal isn’t to make X number of dollars. My goal is to make 50 families happy.’ Whether that equates to $250,000 or $50,000 [in income], so be it.”

Finding agents who fit into a culture that pushes back against the self-interest most associate with realtors requires more than sitting down for a generic interview. Goulet invests extra time into getting to know her potential hires, meeting them for coffee and lunch to get a clear read on their personalities and deciding whether or not the attitudes and philosophies that carried them as individual agents will mesh with the selflessness demonstrated by her team.

Goulet also brings potential hires into staff meetings as a way of giving the team a chance to evaluate the potential fit.

“We can just feel the vibe off these people,” Klundert says.

Another strategy for ensuring agents are properly integrated into the team’s culture is to hire young. Three of Goulet’s agents came to the team brand new, i.e. devoid of bad habits and willing to roll up their sleeves and get as much experience as possible. Klundert says hiring novice agents allows a team leader to “mould them to your culture of: This is how you make people happy. This is how you can sell. This is how you can be successful.”

When the team first launched, Klundert says the unspoken goal was for Angie Goulet and Associates to be an “all-female powerhouse”. With two men now on the team, the adjectives have had to change, but the carryovers from Phase One – the supportiveness, the compassion; the collective eschewing of the kind of gross, in-your-face competitiveness that mars so many male-dominated offices – have, if anything, only grown in significance. The team’s high percentage of repeat and referral business can attest to that.

“It happens slowly, but we find people that we feel really match our culture, match our way of thinking, and match the way we want the city to see how we run,” Klundert says.

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