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by REP02 Dec 2014
Ottawa Real Estate agent in custody after knife attack
An Ottawa real estate agent is in hot water after attacking his daughter and wife with a butcher knife over his daughter posting a photograph online. Apparently, the internet is a no-no for this real estate agent; he doesn’t allow his three children – aged 16 to 20 – to date anyone or post online photos. Read the full story here.

Calgary commercial market on the rise
Calgary’s real estate market continues to garner media attention, with a report from CBRE Limited citing a growing level of optimism in Calgary’s commercial real estate market. With the drop in oil prices and fluctuations in the financial market, there has been a steady supply of new construction projects in sectors such as office space, hotels, industrial and retail properties, a boon to real estate agents and investors looking to cash in on new projects. Read the full story here.

Technology a pivotal sticking point for millennials 
Paul Etherington, president of the Toronto Real Estate Board, said that Realtors would be wise to note that technology plays a big part in selling homes to people between the age of 18 to 35. Because most in this age group have never known a world without technology, they’re expecting their home to show flashes of futurism. According to a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate study, approximately 84 per cent of people surveyed believed that technology was essential to have in their homes. Read the full story

Ottawa growing with live-work neighbourhoods
Live, work and play neighbourhoods are changing Ottawa’s city landscape and its commercial market as well, according to a CBRE report. More people are relocating to the suburbs as opposed to the downtown core as the real estate strategy is impacting the way people live. With more people living and working in the same neighbourhood, it creates new opportunities and advantages for Realtors. Read the full story here.

Drop in oil prices paying dividends for B.C.
According to KPMG Canada, more than $1 billion has been spent in B.C. on commercial projects, as liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects continue to spur growth and investment in the province. And with B.C. companies looking to meet demand for housing for temporary workers and highrise developers anticipating growing demand for city homes from the rising number of newly affluent, the outlook is looking positive for commercial and residential real estate brokerages. Read the full story.


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