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by REP22 Jan 2015
Rate cut could lower mortgage rates
The interest rate cut yesterday surprised many and there is now talk that .25 per cent rate cut could galvanize people to purchase property and buy homes, according to a Calgary realtor. The overnight interest rate now rests at .75. Read the full story here

Oil affected condo sales in Calgary
Low oil prices are having an effect on the economy in the province and the drop below 50 bucks a barrel could also be having an effect on Calgary's condo market. Compared to the same time last year, sales are down by a third, the number of units listed has nearly doubled and the average price is down almost nine percent. Read what BMO Economist Sal Guatieri had to say in the full story here

Whistler sales reach 7-year high
Total sales in the resort in 2014, according to the Whistler Listing System, reached $535 million. That's up 15 per cent over the previous year and it's the highest it's been in seven years, up from a low of $309 million five years ago. The same is true of the number of units sold — also at a seven-year high. Find out the full story about what's been happening in Whistler here

The art of closing: What to watch out for when sealing the deal
The Huffington Post has laid out some tips for realtors and homebuyers when it comes to closing a deal. Just because it's over, doesn't mean it's over. Find out some top tips to discover in the full story here

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