Do Halloween decorations scare buyers away?

by Olivia D'Orazio31 Oct 2014
With Halloween upon us, homes throughout the neighbourhood are crawling with spiders, the spirits and other spooky scenes, but tell your clients not to leave their decorations at the store.
“When it’s seasonal like that and you’re doing photos, it really dates the listing,” says Kathy Smith, a real estate agent from Brantford, Ont. “So we try to keep things as neutral as possible.”
That’s advice that all agents should follow – no matter the season. Agents posting a photo of a snow-coated yard to the MLS in July, may as well blatantly tell potential buyers that the home has been on the market for a long while.
“You also want to remove any personal items,” Smith says.
Indeed, crafts and other homemade decorations may be endearing to your sellers, but they might be a turn-off to potential buyers. Ryan Foley, an agent in Halifax, says decorations aren’t his personal taste, and he’s not alone in that preference.
“Sometimes [potential buyers] like it and sometimes they don’t,” he says. “I’d rather be open to everyone.”
Smith, meanwhile, says Halloween decorations can even go beyond personal preferences.
“You don’t want to offend people,” she says. “Not everyone celebrates Halloween.”

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