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by Jamie Henry06 Oct 2014
Inventory challenges mean going above and beyond for your client has never been more important, say industry players now turning to real estate coaches to win a competitive edge over their colleagues.
“I was doing the same thing and not getting results, so I needed a new way of looking at things,” says Ken Foster, a Realtor based in Edmonton, who turned to coaching when he found himself stuck in a professional rut.

“Our performance gets better when we have someone who is caring about our results,” Sue Robbins, president of Richard Robbins International, tells REP.

Robbins says coaches can work with Realtors to help them achieve whatever goal they have in mind, be it making more money or working fewer hours.
“It’s about efficiency and effectiveness, and helping [our clients] decide when they grow and how they grow, and, at the end of the day, creating an exit strategy,” she says. “We’re their partner in growing their business.”
Robbins says coaching ultimately raises the bar for professionalism in the industry and helps to boost the agent’s skill level, making the Realtor a better sales professional.
Despite his decision to discontinue his own coaching, Foster says having someone hold him accountable worked wonders for his career.
“It certainly changed my attitude,” he says. “I felt more enlivened and excited about my business. The coach approached it from the point of view of my attitude.”

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