Does your marketing need a sexy makeover?

by Olivia D'Orazio08 May 2015
Love it or hate it, that ultra-sexy listing video for a property in California got the house sold, leaving many agents to wonder if there really is a place for sex in selling real estate.
In the REP forum, agents were divided over whether the video was a success or a laughing stock, but Robin Telfer, a sales rep in Calgary, says the market obviously made that decision.
“I’m a strong believer of letting the market prevail,” he says. “Let the market decide if it’s appropriate or not.”
Apparently, the market decided in favour of sexy advertising: after a string of listings, re-listings and de-listings over the last few years, the property finally sold with agent Patrick Raymond.
The video, Telfer says, helped promote the house, even though it showed little of the actual property.
“It had nothing to do (with the house) but I wanted to see it,” he admits. “It’s a good teaser – so I don’t know much about the home, so I’ll call him up. That’s the message there – I want to know more about this place. So I guess from that point of view, the video did its job.”
Still, Telfer isn’t convinced the video is the only factor behind the house being sold.
“I just think it’s a gimmick,” he says. “It comes down to location and price. If (a property) is priced right and if it’s in a great location, it’ll go.”

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