Don’t pause your business for a vacation

by REP11 Nov 2014
With meteorologists calling for another brutal Canadian winter, you’re likely already planning a hot vacation – but that shouldn’t mean your business has to suffer.
We’ve got four ways to get your business in order so you can really enjoy that well-deserved vacation.
1 – Get covered
Ask a trusted colleague to cover your clients while you’re gone, whether that means taking questions over the phone or bringing buyers to an appointment. That way, your business won’t miss a beat while you’re away, and you’re not in danger of losing clients due to absence.
Be sure to work out compensation with your colleague before you leave – will you pay your colleague a referral fee? Or will you simply cover for her when she goes on vacation next month? The last thing you want to come back to is a heated argument, or worse, a bill.
2 – Tell everyone
…And we don’t mean to brag about your upcoming retreat! Notify anyone who might be affected by your absence.
Phone clients to let them know that you’ll be away, when you’ll return and who they should contact if anything comes up while you’re gone. Tell colleagues, lawyers and other business associates that you’ll be away from the office and refer them to the appropriate channels.
3 – Set up an automatic response
This includes automatic out of office replies via email and a voicemail message that explains that you’re away. Each of these responses should include the date of your expected return, as well as who to contact if the matter is urgent.
4 – Relax!
Head into your vacation knowing that you’ve prepared for the worst, and enjoy yourself. A wholly relaxing vacation can reinvigorate you and will ultimate improve your productivity when you get back to work.

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