Famous musician’s home sale won’t require agents

by Justin da Rosa09 Mar 2016
This unique selling option for one music legend’s home will allow buyers and sellers to bypass the use of an agent.

The buyer of Frank Zappa’s Hollywood Hills house will avoid paying Realtor fees, but at what cost?

$9 million to be exact. That’s the cost of the home – which has been placed on Kickstarter in a bid to fund a documentary about the prolific auteur. The top funding option of $9 million will earn one lucky fan the right to call Zappa’s former abode their own.

From the Kickstarter campaign page:

If one generous soul decides to contribute $9MM, WE'LL be able to start saving The Vault and telling Frank's story RIGHT NOW. In exchange, YOU'LL get the ENTIRE LIST OF REWARDS above, and also...


Seriously. You'll own 8,000 sq. ft of Frank's private abode, where he lived from 1968 until his death in 1993 -- complete with swimming pool, tennis court, recording studio space, subterranean vault, guest houses, and much, much more. The contents of the actual house aren't included, but all sorts of other insane rewards and experiences are.

It’s a bit pricey for the California home. Many others in the neighbourhood, which are much more luxurious and updated, are selling for a fraction of $9 million currently required to buy the Zappa house.

Not to mention the buyer won’t know exactly what they’re getting into; after all, agents are the best resource for determining whether the home is worth the asking price.

So it’s safe to say Kickstarter may not yet be a major threat to real estate professionals.

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