Four tips for a great real estate video

by REP05 Dec 2014
Producing a top-quality video to help sell a property is fast becoming a necessity. But short of hiring a costly videographer, how can you create great cinematic moments?
Here are four tips for shooting a memorable real estate video.
1 – Have an outline
It’s important to have a plan well before you hit record. Determine the goal of the video – most likely, it’s to entice potential buyers to schedule a viewing – and how you can achieve that. Planning what you want the video to look like beforehand will save you lots of time when it comes to actually recording the video. Pre-planning also helps you to ensure the video flows well, and enables you to be a little creative.
2 – Make a shot list
You’ll need to make a list of all the shots you want to take – a sweeping shot of the luscious garden, maybe, or a long pan to show how big the kitchen is. You don’t need to take a video of every room – potential buyers can get the full picture once they arrive at the house for a showing. Skip the rooms that don’t stand out, like a half bathroom or a run-of-the-mill laundry room.
And don’t forget to record multiple takes of the same shot so that you have options when it comes to the editing process.
3 – Don’t forget about audio
You don’t need to use the standard easy rock that seemingly every real estate video imposes over the visual shots. Instead, create a script that adds value to the video; don’t just speak for the sake of speaking. Why is the home special? And why are you showcasing those particular spaces?
4 – Invest in good equipment
You don’t need to spend a fortune on state of the art video equipment, but a few items will make a world of difference. First, make sure the camera you’re using will take high-resolution video. There’s no point in posting a grainy video – it’ll just turn off viewers. Next, get a tripod to eliminate jerky and shaky shots that come with hand-held camera work. For a complete list, visit a local photography store, and ask the clerk for advice. They’re often a wealth of information and are always willing to help.

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