FSBO coming to an MLS near you

by Olivia D'Orazio on 19 Mar 2015
A major for-sale-by-owner company has registered as a licensed brokerage in ONE key province, and will begin listing properties on the MLS there.

ComFree Commonsense Network is already a registered brokerage in Ontario and Alberta, and late yesterday announced the receipt of its license in Manitoba.

“There are alternatives, other ways of selling your home,” says Randall Weese, ComFree’s broker of record. “And there are viable ways of doing that. We pride ourselves on educating our sellers and helping them choose what is best for them.”

While most agents will decry ComFree’s entry into the closely guarded MLS system, many sales reps in the REP forum at least acknowledge the need for variety when it comes to buying and selling property.

“In my belief there is about 15 per cent of the population that makes their buying decisions based on price alone,” writes Bill Hubbard in the forum. “These folks have one question: How much? There must be a real estate model to look after these people. Just like there must be a real estate model to look after the people who ask, ‘What am I getting for my money?’.”

For those people, services like ComFree and Property Guys are a best bet. And for agents worried about those sellers’ well-being, Weese says they’re in good hands: their own.

“We believe homeowners shouldn’t have to pay thousands in commissions and only have one option to sell their home,” he says. “The equity in the home is rightfully theirs.”

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