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by Neil Sharma07 Feb 2018

Exit Realty Corp. International has committed to giving back to their communities with a ‘dollar for dollar’ program wherein the company matches funds raised by its brokerages and agents. Initially supporting Habitat for Humanity, the program has branched out to support select charities already being supported by members of the Exit family, as well as newer ones for worthy causes.

Exit has also become creative in its fundraising efforts, holding everything from golf tournaments to silent auctions, raffles, galas and more. Tami Bonnell, Exit’s CEO, says real estate is usually a very local experience and not only is supporting local communities a no-brainer, but allowing agents to take more ownership in fundraising efforts has brought out the best in them.

“Our agents love that they have a little more control, and everybody loves to give back,” said Bonnell. “When they know only will they make a contribution, but that we’ll match that contribution, we’re able to give quite a bit more money every single year because it’s spreading farther.”

Last year, Exit raised money for the severe storms that rocked Canada, as well as for the Hurricane Irma and Tropical Storm Harvey.

Bonnell added that applications from across Exit’s 600+ offices across North America have been spilling in for everything from health charities to the America Red Cross. “It’s started taking a life of its own,” she said. “It could go towards helping with immunizations or helping with school lunches.”

Since 2000, Exit has pleged $4mln and the program has been so successful it will continue for a long time to come.

“It gives people the opportunity to work together. Our agents get closer together and feel more like a family. They get to connect with the people they work with and it gives any more people the opportunity to participate.

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