Gold Coast agent censured by Queensland regulators

by Ephraim Vecina17 Aug 2016
Gold Coast luxury real estate agent Sarah Penney-Filippini has been reprimanded by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT), after an investigation by the Office of Fair Trading revealed that she broke regulations by allowing her mother to act as an agent with her business.
Penney-Filippini’s mother Heather Filippini was struck off as a real estate agent in 2009 and prevented from working further in the industry after violating a 2006 suspension, the Gold Coast Bulletin reported.
A further hearing, which will determine the validity of the charges and the applicable sanctions, has been scheduled, although the date has yet to be finalized.
Penney-Filippini is suspected to have been aware of her mother’s transactions, including negotiations for multi-million-dollar transactions at The Sovereign Islands in 2012.
In 2013, the Southport Magistrates Court fined Heather Filippini $9,000 and found her guilty of two counts of acting as an agent without a current certificate.


  • by Love to Pay 8/19/2016 3:52:33 PM

    They are selling multi Million dollar properties. $9,000 fine. I'll sell in Australia if that is the cost of doing multi million dollar sales. Heck, the Gov should also tax the Chinese a little too, that's what the Gov in Canada is doing in British Columbia to foreign buyers. A little here, a little there, makes for good government.

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