Home price portal looks at the rest of Canada for further expansion

by Ephraim Vecina02 Jun 2019

Further Canadian expansion is in the horizon for a promising home price portal that just began operations in Edmonton last week.

Among HonestDoor.com’s future expansion plans include Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Vancouver, and other high-activity residential markets across Canada.

The home price information portal, which was designed with the input of data scientists at the University of Alberta, will offer free and easy access to a wealth of figures for hopeful home buyers.

Among the accessible bits of information include last sold prices of residential/commercial properties, annual property taxes, transaction histories, permit information, and neighbourhood growth rates, among others.

“As part of the unprecedented amount of free, detailed property information available on the website, daily updated price estimates appear for each property using a proprietary machine learning valuation model called HonestDoor Price,” HonestDoor’s announcement explained.

The portal added that it will be incorporating more new tools and data in the very near future.

“HonestDoor was born out of my own frustration when searching for properties to buy,” founder and CEO Dan Belostotsky said. “It seemed wrong that consumers didn’t have access to the information they needed to make informed decisions when this information had been available to Americans for years.”

“Now, Edmontonians can find that information at their leisure and free of any pressure to make quick decisions.”


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