Houses your clients will likely want to avoid

by Justin da Rosa20 May 2016
This one simple website could help your clients avoid making the mistake of a lifetime … but could also help you find an impossible affordable steal. is a searchable database comprising houses of past homicides, suicides, drug labs, arsons, and even hauntings.

And it’s grown in the two years since its inception, now home to 25,232 addresses across the world. An many of those are in Canada’s major housing markets.

British Columbia currently has 204 properties on the list, Alberta has 809, and Saskatchewan has 64.
In terms of cities, Toronto leads the way with 900 addresses, followed by Calgary with 740, Winnipeg with 390, Ottawa with 123, and Vancouver with 110.

Agents may want to pull the site up to deter clients from purchasing a house whose value may take a hit going forward.

However, those agents whose clients aren’t put off by past … er … events may be able to use it to find the steal of a lifetime.

Check out the website’s video below and click here to check out the database.


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