How are you getting listings?

by Olivia D'Orazio27 Nov 2014
Don’t pick up those ski poles quite yet! Veteran agents say winter is the best time to strengthen your business in preparation for a busy spring season.
“There are so many different ways to [prepare your business],” veteran agent Lorraine Bertol tells REP. “If [an agent] is with a reputable company, like Royal LePage, there’s lots of training available to learn how they’re best suited to working in whatever marketplace they choose.”
Indeed, training and networking opportunities are a great way for rookie agents to expand their spheres of influence and develop new relationships. Those contacts, after all, can eventually evolve into some kind of referral.
“When you’ve been in the business this long, a lot of [business] comes from a past client,” Bertol says, pointing to the wide web of potential clients available. “I’m involved with clients’ kids now, or now I’m involved with [my clients’] parents.”
But a done deal or a new business connection doesn’t always end in a referral.  Marie Natscheff, an agent with Bosley Real Estate in Toronto says agents need to foster relationships with existing clients, ensuring that their every need is met – even after you hand over the keys.
“Do the best you very can,” she says. “With this business, you’re on call 24/7. Even if it’s after the situation, after the deal has closed, your attention should be maintained with that client throughout that period and after as well. Provide them with services – have knowledge of a lot of things to maintain a good relationship with your client.”

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