How brokers can improve their digital visibility

by Ephraim Vecina09 Dec 2016
Real estate professionals who are looking to increase their proficiency and improve their presence in the digital world should ensure that the consumer enjoys the same level of customer experience both online and offline.
In the recent MPC National Conference, Andrew Lo of Kanetix Ltd. said that it’s high time for industry professionals to begin considering “strategy” and “digital strategy” as the same thing.
“There is not digital strategy, only strategy in a digital world,” Lo stated, as quoted by CMT.
Lo highlighted the crucial role that smartphones play in the current landscape, saying that this contains the richest pool of potential clients. The most effective way to take advantage of this fact is to create a website tailored for mobile use—a website that can grab and keep attention even on a small screen.
The natural progression from this point is to design the website in such a way that it allows potential customers to contact the industry professional without having to re-enter their data when they suddenly need to switch units (say, from mobile to desktop) for one reason or another.
“You need to tightly integrate your mobile and desktop experiences to allow for a smooth transition.”
Lo added that Google Analytics would be able to provide valuable information on how to optimize website design based on how visitors navigate, so it would be wise to connect one’s website to the platform.
“Make enhancements to the user experience based on data, not opinion,” he said.

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