How to become a winning introverted agent

by Jamie Henry02 Feb 2015
At their core, real estate professionals are salespeople, and most successful salespeople are outgoing social butterflies. So what’s an introverted agent to do?
Here are three tips for breaking out of your shell – and into the market.
1 – Know your strengths
Truly knowing what you’re good at can make you more confident, which comes out in your interactions with people. Maybe you’ve got a real knack for staging or your listing photos are unparalleled – use that to your benefits and speak confidently on those points.
2 – Know when to relax
Certain tasks can really drain introverted people – extended networking events, for instance. Know that you’ll need more time to recuperate after such events. Don’t schedule a listing presentation after a brokerage meeting, for example, and be sure to make the best of your hours away from the office.
3 – Employ the buddy system
Find an extroverted agent to partner up with. That way, you can each use your strengths to balance out the other’s weaknesses. Your introverted partner can act as a booster in social situations and you can use your strengths to improve your partner’s business.

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