How to choose your next brokerage

by Jamie Henry25 Nov 2014
You are the company you keep, and more and more agents are prepared to disengage themselves from networks devoted to the numbers game in the hunt for brokerages focused on ethical standards.
Here are some tips for finding that brokerage.
Before stepping foot in a brokerage, you should research your options. Talk to your peers and the people in your circle of influence, and find out what brokerages they’ve had good experiences with.
Take your research to the World Wide Web. Look at the brokerage’s website: does it look professional? Is it easy to find and to navigate? Research the managing broker and some of the brokerage’s agents to get a sense of the way they work.
Set up interviews with the brokerages you’re interested in. Are there agents in the office? Is the office a clean and professional space? Do the agents who are there look like they enjoy the office culture? Are your clients going to be able to get to the office easily?
Ask the brokerage about the services they offer their agents. What training programs do they provide? What apps and types of technology do they use? Try to get a sense of what it will be like working in that office and for that brokerage. Do you think you’ll like it?
When it comes time to make a decision, you’ll need to consider your future plans as a real estate professional. What do you want out of a brokerage? What are your plans for the future, and can this brokerage help you achieve them?
Working with a brokerage whose outlook on the profession compliments your own will help you fully enjoy your work and better grow your business.

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