How to make blogging work for you

by Olivia D'Orazio10 Nov 2014
As the competition among real estate professionals continues to heat up, blogging is becoming an increasingly common form of marketing, but many agents aren’t getting the most of the relatively new platform.

“It all comes down to … you need to give [potential clients] valuable information,” says broker Neres Sraidarian. “Your marketing isn’t going to get anything. You need to give people valuable content.”

Indeed, agents should carefully outline their blog posts to ensure that potential clients are getting important nugget of information out of the content.

Brian Torry, a manager at Bosley Real Estate, says agents need to find something – whether a particular topic or a certain style of writing – that differentiates them from other agents.

“[That] is the most valuable thing an agent can do in their marketing,” he says. “A lot of people try to blog and put out [content that is] different and of value. People won’t read it and more importantly they won’t come back [if it’s not].”

Additionally, Torry says agents must be consistent when using blogs and other posted content to market themselves and their brand.

“This is a problem that most agents face,” Torry says. “They have to have a consistent look and feel so people recognize [the brand]. And [be] consistent [in their] timing if they want to achieve anything from a marketing plan.”

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