Innovative technology could change real estate industry

by Neil Sharma13 Oct 2017
Ampify, a Vancouver-based start-up, recently launched a new platform called Ella that uses artificial intelligence to publish sales agents’ social media content, freeing their time to do what they do best and sell.

By using content stored in a library, Ella will advertise to prospective buyers located in any given targeted area who have searched for housing, no matter how specific. According to Hayden James, Ampify’s co-founder, Ella is a time- and money-saver.

“The big problem agents have with social media is, one, time constraints, and, two, they don’t have the skills,” he said. “Their goal is to create awareness about themselves, the services they offer and to promote their properties, so what we’ve done is make sure they don’t have to worry about that.”

Digital ad agencies usually charge hundreds of dollars a month, if not more, for their social media services, but Ella eliminates the need to hire outside help.

“Because we’ve been able to automate the process using intelligent software, they don’t have to pay some of these really big social media companies or ad agencies,” continued James. “We’re saving on what it costs to do social media and we’re saving on the time, so they’re able to get more done and close more deals.”

Sales agents aren’t the only beneficiaries. While they’ll benefit from closing more deals, brokerages, too, can use Ella as a recruiting tool by demonstrating how well-equipped their agents are.

“The brokerage’s goal is to recruit and retain, and how they do that is by offering good services and making sure their agents are successful,” James said. “We’re able to help agents market through the brokerages, and because the software is going to help them be more successful, it will be great for the brokerage. And because it’s completely automated, the brokerage doesn’t have to worry about the agent’s uptake or whether they’ll use it, because it’s done for them.”

Ampify has been working in Century 21 In Town Realty’s offices, with the brokerage’s agents providing a feedback loop for beta testing. In Town’s President, Michael La Prairie, says Ella is the best thing he’s seen in the industry since becoming an owner 12 years ago.

“It makes complete sense for me as owner to do this on behalf of my agents,” he said. “What it’s doing is marketing your properties to an outside sphere, and generating leads for me as a business owner to show my profession how far ahead of the pack we are when it comes to technology. It’s a technology I’m offering my agents to piggyback on because the goal is to offer technology to enhance the business they’re doing.

“I see Ampify as a vehicle that will change and enhance how we market our product. This is a system that nobody else has in the marketplace today.”

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