Interesting sale of the day: A Maple Leaf’s homestead

by REP19 Jul 2017
Check out this luxury condo, allegedly listed for a popular Toronto Maple Leaf player.


That’s what it’ll cost to own this downtown Toronto condo allegedly owned by Tyler Bozak.

The listing doesn’t list Bozak as the owner, obviously, but popular Leafs blog has put together a somewhat compelling case arguing the long-time Leafs centre is, indeed, the current owner.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to deduce that this is Tyler Bozak’s condo,” TLN writer Jeff Veillette wrote in a recent column. “His son’s name is on one of the walls and the suite number matches his jersey (4201).”

Not exactly a smoking gun in terms of proof … until you consider Bozak’s son’s name, Kanon, is pretty unique. 


The two-bedroom condo is located in the heart of the city at Adelaide and Bay.

“Working In The Financial District? Love Being Near The Entertainment District? This Suite Offers You The Luxury And Convenience You Deserve. Beautiful Detailing Throughout This Suite,” the listing reads. “Ceilings Are Over 10'6" With Tall Doors And Windows And An Expensive Western View To Enjoy The Sunset Over The Lake.”

Ignoring the listing agent's odd affinity for capital letters, the home does sound stunning. But will it go for the nearly $3 million asking price in Toronto’s current market? That remains to be seen.

Check out some additional photos below and judge for yourself.


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