Is it too easy to become an agent?

by Jamie Henry08 Oct 2014
Are the days of brokerages accepting any agent with a license and a pulse numbered? Several Toronto-area players hope so, calling on big-name brokerages to do more to weed out bad agents.

“There are more agents today than ever before,” says agent Danny Fini. “It seems like it’s too easy [to become an agent] or they don’t have a screening process in place for the people applying for a license.”

Fini and others now suggest the proverbial buck must stop with the big brokerages, arguing they need to be more discerning in their hiring. Their due diligence is even more important given the consumer bias toward those big-name real estate brands.

“In any other profession, the people who hire you are going to look at your credentials,” Fini says. “If high-end brokerages started doing that – hiring people with grades above 90 per cent, say – then people calling those brokerages would know that they’re getting a competent agent.”

Otherwise, brokerages with a bevy of poor sales reps prompt consumers to lump all agents in the same unflattering boat. As a result, bad agents’ shaky practices spoil the experience for the homebuying and selling public.

“They make it bad for all the other agents out there,” Fini says. “Then [sellers] go to a comm-free company or try to do it themselves and it’s even worse.”


  • by lolno 10/8/2014 11:54:16 AM

    Unless the brokerages start to hire agents as salaried employees, with benefits, then they have no real incentive to discriminate on orea grades. I'm sure many "bad" agents are more than capable of getting high grades anyway. Many agents fear competition but at the end of the day a bad agent won't be in business for too long so they shouldn't worry about them.

  • by Sacha 10/8/2014 12:14:15 PM

    First of this blog was poorly written! I can tell the author was just venting out on agents and has no clear vision. Honestly, do you really co-relate good "grades" to be a successful "agent"? Seriously?

    Any 18 year old would outpaced a 35 year old with profession when it comes to licensing and passing exam! The younger you are the more you can comprehend on reading and passing the exam that does not mean that he can out perform a 35 year old with a management experience who is looking for a career change.

    The onus is not on the grades but on the person themselves. So if you really want to tighten up the industry hire somebody that had a good resume from other profession..somebody that years of experience in management, customer service. Hire somebody that has responsibility, somebody that has mortgage to pay and family to feed. Those are the people that will take the job seriously and not somebody that can attain a good grades.

    Being a full time agent and part time agent also has no difference. I have seen other professionals with career doing real estate aside and they can do excellent service because they control their hours, they work from home and do not need to be in the office which gives them time to do real estate aside.


  • by Kelvin 10/8/2014 12:33:32 PM

    My wife and I are both agents. In the last year we have found the quality of agents to have really slipped. They cannot write up a proper offer so you must make tons of corrections in your signback. They don't comprehend expiry dates - and in some cases we wonder how did this person ever pass the exams to become an agent. That is where I lay the blame. Not on the brokerages but upon OREA creating too many new agents, and poor ones at that. We need less agents not more. Stop creating new ones.

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