Is it too easy to become an agent?

by Jamie Henry08 Oct 2014
Are the days of brokerages accepting any agent with a license and a pulse numbered? Several Toronto-area players hope so, calling on big-name brokerages to do more to weed out bad agents.

“There are more agents today than ever before,” says agent Danny Fini. “It seems like it’s too easy [to become an agent] or they don’t have a screening process in place for the people applying for a license.”

Fini and others now suggest the proverbial buck must stop with the big brokerages, arguing they need to be more discerning in their hiring. Their due diligence is even more important given the consumer bias toward those big-name real estate brands.

“In any other profession, the people who hire you are going to look at your credentials,” Fini says. “If high-end brokerages started doing that – hiring people with grades above 90 per cent, say – then people calling those brokerages would know that they’re getting a competent agent.”

Otherwise, brokerages with a bevy of poor sales reps prompt consumers to lump all agents in the same unflattering boat. As a result, bad agents’ shaky practices spoil the experience for the homebuying and selling public.

“They make it bad for all the other agents out there,” Fini says. “Then [sellers] go to a comm-free company or try to do it themselves and it’s even worse.”

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