Lead Gen Masters Summit

by REP on 10 May 2021

Finding leads can be a difficult part of running a real estate business. Often professionals exhaust using their mutual connections, fall flat with networking, or do not know which techniques they can utilize to find new, qualified leads in a digital climate. This is why Merged Media is hosting a digital marketing summit: to help make lead generation easier and to grow your reputation and business.

Generating leads online

The best strategy for finding leads as a real estate professional is knowing where the best leads come from in the first place. While this has been found through word of mouth before, the search for real estate agents and brokers has shifted online, much like other businesses in this day and age. While traditional means of marketing aren’t necessarily “dead”, digital marketing has certainly taken the reins. This has become especially true amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The reality is: real estate professionals should take the time to optimize their digital marketing strategies to gain leads. 

Lead Gen Masters Summit 2021 is an online summit on how to generate leads through digital marketing. This summit will be held on Thursday, May 13th and is sponsored by Merged Media, Caseo, and Fresh Crowd, three leading digital marketing companies in Canada.  

Real estate professionals can look forward to a free, informative online summit on how they can generate leads using digital marketing strategies. This will be especially useful as more Canadians search for homes in the red-hot housing market that has swept over our nation since the onset of the pandemic.

A glimpse into digital marketing

Real estate professionals can expect to learn about digital marketing methods by highly qualified digital marketers from the CEO of Fresh Crowd and co-founder of Merged Media, Jason Hunt.  

The summit kicks off at 10:00 am on May 13th and finishes at 5:45 pm. Throughout the summit, there will be several events for leads by industry experts. Topics like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Advertising, Pay-per-click and Website Optimization will be thoroughly discussed in an easy-to-understand, accessible manner for beginners and experts alike.

Learn how to market your real estate services

A professional brand is an important part of building a digital presence and generating sales leads. A broker or agent who has developed a professional brand is more sought after because they position themselves as the most knowledgeable and qualified person for those looking to buy or sell a home in a specific area and with a specific budget. 

Real estate brokers and agents can learn about how to position themselves as the most knowledgeable person for the job in events like Refreshing Your Website in 2021, How To Create Great Visuals on Social Media, Becoming a LinkedIn Allstar, and How to Start a Podcast.

A discussion on the Google Core Web Vitals Update will inform professionals on how to adapt their content to ensure that their website is showing up in higher positions in Google search results. 

The summit will conclude with The Three-Step Process to Generating Quality Leads Online. This process will be key for learning how to attract new clients amid the competitive real estate market. 

Realtors or brokers interested in attending the Lead Gen Masters Summit 2021 should register for the free event on hopin

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