Lighter Side: 10 Agents You’ll Meet at RealtorQuest

by Olivia D'Orazio08 May 2015
Of course, one should never generalize, but you can’t argue that finding stereotypes is particularly easy among real estate agents. These are the top 10 agent stereotypes we saw walking – or, rather, strutting – around RealtorQuest.
1 – The “Fancy Car” Agent
The parking lot at the Toronto Congress Centre was like the lot at a luxury dealership. You’ll find row after row of BMWs, Lexuses, Mercedes Benzes and Audis, and plenty of hot-to-trot agents behind those wheels.
2 – The “Always on a Cell Phone” Agent
These agents’ mobile phone might as well be tethered to their bodies. It’s either in hand, clipped to their waists, or at their ears. And if it’s the latter, you might be watching the third agent cliché we saw…
3 – The “Closing a Deal” Agent
These agents are pacing somewhere close to the exit, and talking loudly on their cell phones. They’re closing a deal – right now – and don’t you know it.
4 – The “I’m Here for the Free Stuff” Agent
You haven’t seen these agents in a single seminar, and they don’t stay for more than 20 seconds at any one booth. But they’re still leaving the conference with a big bag of free swag.
5 – The “Gimmick” Agent
These agents are wearing feather boas, funny headdresses, silly ties, or anything else that will get them noticed and break the ice. They’re usually hanging around the booth where they picked up the sequined cowboy hat.
6 – The “Flash” Agent
Not to be confused with Gimmick Agents, Flash Agents are attracted to the bright lights and lasers at some of the booths. They’re probably also wearing the blinking buttons they got at one of those elaborate booths.
7 – The “Networking Like Mad” Agent
These agents ran out of business cards in the first hour they stepped foot into RealtorQuest. They’re visiting every booth twice and chatting up every person they come across.
8 – The “Labels” Agent
These agents aren’t hard to spot – just follow the Louis Vuitton. They’re wearing the most expensive labels and are strutting through the trade show as if the aisles were runways. But, even we have to admit: they do look good!
9 – The “Just Got My Real Estate License” Agent
You can pick out these agents by the look of dread on their faces. They got their real estate licenses just four months ago, and haven’t even made a sale. They don’t know how to talk to people and feel bad handing out business cards – that is, if they even have business cards yet.
10 – The Agent’s Wife
You might even find the agent’s wife – or husband! – who accompanied their real estate selling spouse to the event. This person is probably holding a bag of brochures, business cards and free swag, and is likely the administration professional that keeps the real estate business from falling apart.

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