Lighter Side: 5 annoying things TV buyers say

by Jamie Henry23 Jan 2015
Admit it: you watch all the real estate shows on TV. From House Hunters to Property Virgins, and everything in between. And, like everyone else, you get annoyed at the, erm, misguided comments a lot of those buyers make about the properties.
We’ve compiled a list of the five most annoying things those buyers say – and the comments we’re screaming at the screen. Have a laugh, then share the most, erm, misled comment you’ve heard on the job.
1 – “My commute has to be less than 15 minutes.”
It would be great to live in a building across the street from your office, conveniently located in one of the most in-demand neighbourhoods in the city. But, right, even the entry-level condos are out of your price range.
2 – “I really need a walk-in closet.”
Who doesn’t? Unfortunately, the builder of this particular complex decided to use that extra 25 square feet for the living room in your tiny studio apartment.
3 – “I was hoping for a bigger backyard for my dog.”
Your tiny dog barely weighs 15 pounds, so it’s remains unclear why they need half an acre to properly frolic. Also, there are these places called dog parks…
4 – “Ew, I hate carpet.”
Strangely enough, the carpet can be removed and replaced with whatever kind of flooring you desire.
5 – “This paint colour is awful.”
There are these things called paint brushes, and you use them to apply paint to a surface. Best of all, you can choose whatever colour you like.
Has a client ever made one of these misguided comments to you before?

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