Lighter Side: A new twist on the urban/suburban debate

by Olivia D'Orazio13 Mar 2015
Every agent’s had this couple for a client: he wants a sprawling farm on which to raise pedigree dogs and kids; and she wants a chic condo in the middle of the city.

The urban-suburban debate is nothing new – it’s so common that it even has its own TV show – but Sustainable Prosperity is now bringing a green-er angle to the issue of urban sprawl.

Based on a study coming out of Halifax, the environmentally focused economic think-tank found urbanites keep an extra $2,046 in their pockets each year.

Between the cost of police and fire services, road maintenance, governance, waste removal and more, suburban dwellers spend $3,462 per household. Their urban counterparts, however, spend just $1,416 per household.

So the next time your clients can’t decide between the country and the city, pull out this nifty study. Unless you’re selling in the suburbs; then maybe point out the abundance of fresh air.

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