Lighter Side: American fight for drone use gets a helping wing

by REP28 Nov 2014
Agents dream of using drones to shoot sweeping panoramic views of listings, but have you ever dreamed of that drone making Thanksgiving dinner for you?
One drone manufacturer in the U.S. used the high-flying machine to drop a turkey into a deep-fryer – nothing says Happy (American) Thanksgiving like deep-frying a 20-pound bird with the use of an unmanned aerial device, after all. Watch a video of the “chef” at work.

The video – if nothing else – demonstrates the kind of precise drone navigation that agents are increasingly using in listing videos. Indeed, Canadian agents are making great use of the machines, with listing videos and aerial photography becoming more popular, and more agents boasting the service in listing presentations.
But, while the machines are increasingly gaining widespread use in Canada, our neighbours to the south are still fighting for the appropriate legislative changes to allow them to use the technology for commercial purposes.
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