Lighter Side: New show puts nudist spin on real estate TV

by Olivia D'Orazio02 Jun 2014
A new television show titled Buying Naked, which premiered on TLC at the end of June, follows Florida-based Realtor Jackie Youngblood as she helps nudists pursue homeownership in the Paradise Lake neighbourhood, which Youngblood claims is one of the most nudist-friendly counties in the United States.

“Aside from strict budgets, location and basic property demands, finding a residence for a nudist couple is no easy feat. What these couples lack in clothing, they gain in everyday hazards,” TLC said in a press release.

“Simple tasks like cooking, cleaning and even walking pose safety threats as sharp counter corners and cramped kitchen alleyways can injure the house’s inhabitants without the barrier of a basic t-shirt.”

Youngblood and her husband, who have been nudists for more than 20 years, retired to Florida in 2001 after owning an all-purpose retail business in Georgia. After what she describes as a delightful experience with her realtor, Youngblood decided to take real estate classes and specialize in nudist properties. She has since built The Jackie Youngblood Group, and although she and her team target nudist and clothing-optional clientele, the group also works with non-nudist and textile clients, too.

Buying Naked, which premiered on TLC on June 28, follows Jackie Youngblood as she helps nudist couples search for their dream homes. Watch video clips from the program at

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