Lighter Side: Ontario agent to wed The Bachelor

by REP21 Nov 2014
Real estate agents across the country can start counting down the days until the biggest wedding event since the Royal Wedding.
Tim Warmels, the star of the latest season of The Bachelor Canada, proposed to Wasaga Beach, Ont., real estate agent April Brockman during the show’s season finale earlier this week.
And, unlike so many other contestants on the show – just six couples are still together after 27 seasons of the U.S. version – Warmels and Brockman have set a tentative date for their nuptials. According to the Toronto Star, the couple plans to tie the knot next year, in either September or October.
“There’s a lot of planning that’s gonna go into it and a lot of people that will want [to come], so depending how big it is we’re hoping for the fall, but we don’t have an official date yet,” the 28-year-old Brockman told the paper.
While their courtship was initially for the cameras, the couple agrees that they truly began to fall in love when Warmels accompanies Brockman on a trip to her hometown of Wasaga Beach.
“That’s where I began to fall for him,” she said. “I didn’t fall for him completely there and our whole relationship has just progressed over time, slowly but surely, and I think maybe more deeply because of it.”
Warmels, too, felt that bond, ultimately leading him to choose Brockman over the Edmonton beauty queen, Trish Vergo.
“I felt like I could figure anything out with this woman [Brockman],” he said. “And I’m, like, that’s who you want to spend your life with, that’s who you want to raise kids with, it’s the person you think you can figure out anything with. Because there are going to be ups and downs, there are going to be trials and tribulations, but it’s that you get through those that makes for a successful marriage.”
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