Lighter Side: Rolling through an open house

by REP12 Dec 2014
A lot of real estate agents use gimmicks to attract potential buyers to a property – whether that’s with the promise of freshly baked cookies, free pens… or a roller coaster ride?
One Dutch real estate firm installed a small roller coaster throughout a house in an effort to entice people to view the property.
The coaster – which seats one – takes riders through the garage, the basement, the main floor living areas and the second-storey bedrooms, before ending the tour in the backyard.
It’s a wild ride, indeed – but no word yet on how well it worked to sell the house!
Watch the full promotional video below:



  • by Constance 12/14/2014 1:51:23 PM

    This is hysterical. All I can imagine is "What bathroom, what living room, didn't even see a backyard, I was too terrified of the next climb and the next fall and sharp turns ahead...Certainly a waste of time in my mind. This one off may get the agent enough attention to get a few transactions perhaps.

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