Lighter Side: Sex sells this beach-side property. Again.

by Olivia D'Orazio27 Mar 2015
Sex sells – so much so that the listing agent for this Australian home didn’t even need to step inside the property in his listing video (watch it below).
In an effort to illustrate the property’s close proximity to the beach, agent Levi Turner ran from the beach to the property’s back deck, while a drone trailed his trek.
And did we mention he did so shirtless?
Still, the agency’s managing director says the hunk factor wasn’t their only reason for the listing video.
“Because it's so close – literally 60 seconds from the river – I wanted to showcase that through a video and I wanted it all filmed within a minute,” Christian Bartley, the agency’s managing director, told the Daily Mail Australia. “The proximity of the river to the house – to showcase that through photos, it just can't be done like that, even aerial images.”
Bartley had previously sold the property to its current owners. At that time, he illustrated it’s close proximity to the river by – you guessed it – stripping to his board shorts during the auction.


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