Lighter Side: Sustainable housing has a green side

by REP06 Mar 2015
Sustainable housing and renewable energy sources are two of the most important issues facing the social population, but one German designer is trying to address both issues at once.

Goetz Schrader has created a concept design for luxury apartments that would wrap around the bases of wind turbines located at sea and amid forests. For those complexes in the middle of the ocean, Schrader envisions an underwater commuter tunnel that would shuttle residents to and from their on-land jobs.

But, before you point your wealthy, eco-minded clients toward this option, there are a few drawbacks, as City Lab reports. First, there’s the risk of frequent lightning strikes. Then there’s the probability of birds and bats flying into your windows on a regular basis.

But, there are also major benefits, not the least of which is the undoubtedly amazing views that would come with living at sea.
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