Lighter Side: The best plants to close a deal

by Olivia D'Orazio22 May 2015
Sure, a house plant might seem like a cliché closing gift, but if you go beyond the fern leaves, you’ll see that plants actually hold a lot more meaning than thank you for doing business.
Here are our five favourite house plants as closing gifts.
1 – Bamboo
Bamboo is a common house plant, mostly because it’s pretty easy to keep and lovely to look at. But more than that, bamboo is believed to attract joy and wealth into the home. It is also said to increase mental and spiritual wellness and help people develop artistic talents.
2 – Lavender
Lavender is one of the nicest scents on earth, and it’s a beautiful plant, visually, as well. But the smell of fresh lavender also has calming qualities. It’s said to elevate the mood and help people get to sleep quickly. It’s perfect for those getting used to a new home!
3 – Orchids
If bamboo is easy to care for, orchids are child’s play. Many orchids require an ice cube or two once a week – and that’s it. Plus, orchids are thought to encourage love, deepen the soul and strengthen relationships. What’s more, ancient Greeks believed orchids strengthened, ahem, fertility and virility, making them great gifts for newlyweds.
4 – Sage
OK, sage might actually be an herb more than a house plant, but it would still make a great gift. The plant represents immortality and longevity, so not only can your clients cook with it, but it is also believed to protect the household.
5 – Rosemary
Like sage, rosemary is technically an herb but it also makes a great house plant. In addition to the delicious flavour it adds to food, rosemary can also increase brain power, act as a light sleep aid and retain youthfulness. The herb is also said to be used in exorcisms – which might be useful for those clients from you-know-where!

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