Lighter Side: The latest ‘it’ amenity

by Jamie Henry02 Jan 2015
When most buyers think about condo amenities, it’s fitness facilities, party rooms and nearby transit that comes to mind, but for some clients in Vancouver that list may extend to grocery vending machines.
Later this month, two condo buildings – one in Burnaby and the other in Vancouver – will host machines from Vancouver-based Happy Vending. The machines, which the company says will be the first of their kind in Canada, will carry 50 products, including milk, eggs, bread, fruit, snacks and drinks.
Condo buyers are increasingly weighing a building’s amenities, and a convenience like this could prove to be very valuable – could this trend sweep across the country?
Maybe not.
British Columbia seems to be more open to vending machines than the rest of Canada. In May, a Vancouver marijuana dispensary installed a pot vending machine, and in February, an addiction clinic installed a machine that distributes clean crack pipes for 25 cents each.
Have your say: do you think grocery vending machines will help sell a condo?

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